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Open Dialogues on Europe's Economic and Monetary Union

Vigonomics is a Villa Vigoni project dedicated to the economic and financial aspects of European integration, with particular emphasis given to the running of debates in the EU on Europe's Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). It is a spin-off project of the renowned Villa Vigoni Euro-Workshop, which every second or third weekend in July brings to Villa Vigoni representatives of central banks, the European Central Bank, the European Commission, the European Council, the European Parliament, the European Banking Supervisory Agency, the Brussels think tanks, the International Monetary Fund, representatives of industry and media to discuss current Eurozone issues in a unique atmosphere.


The introduction of the single currency has been an important driver for political integration, bringing European citizens closer and representing a significant common ground for Member States. However, the ongoing construction of the Eurozone is experiencing difficulties with its effective completion, provoking diverse views on the direction the EMU should be taking in the future. In the years of the financial crisis, the European Union has adopted measures to enhance the Union´s economic and financial resilience. Nevertheless, the effective completion of the EMU relies on difficult compromises being found between Member States.

In this context Villa Vigoni proposes to launch the project Vigonomics, aiming to encourage a debate about the most urgent issues connected to the Eurozone. The frame of discussion will dedicate a particular attention to the Italian-German context, even though the debate will always consider the European perspective as a whole. Germany and Italy have differing approaches to Economic and Financial Governance, around which the discussion about Eurozone’s reforms often come to deadlock. One might refer for instance to the completion of the Banking Union, with respective divergences in understanding of the key issues of responsibility and risk sharing. The same happens when it comes to EU mechanisms for Financial Aid and support for structural reforms, the implementation of an Own Budget for the EU, and the development of a European Monetary Fund with a dedicated EU institutional guidance. It seems that Italian and German positions are indicative of the European context as such, with group of countries coming from diverse economic traditions that need to find common soil for decision-making.

In 2020/2021, the project will organize a series of conferences between Italy and Germany with the following two formats:

  • panel debate that will involve high-profiled experts from academia and policy-makers, in order to put into contact universities and institutions
  • public events followed by Q&A sessions, in order to raise awareness on essential European economic issues and to offer platforms for discussion between European citizens and experts based on true facts and information

This project represents different added values:

  • To foster a high-profile German-Italian network on the issues involved, with Villa Vigoni functioning as a hub between different actors from the world of politics, universities and institutions
  • To foster platforms for specific discussion between Italian and German partners and actors
  • To bring together the academic world with the world of politics and institutions to promote an exchange of information and knowledge which becomes essential in today’s fragmented society
  • To bring attention in the media of specific issues by promoting meetings with high-profile guests who normally have a large impact on European media
  • To spread a correct, fair and comprehensible information on economic issues often misconceived by the general public

All the events will take place in English.

Downloadable content

  • today ab 16/07/2020 bis 19/07/2020
  • place Villa Vigoni