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Euro-Workshop 2020


  • today ab 17/07/2020 bis 18/07/2020
  • place Digital
  • lock_outlineAuf Einladung
  • Alle Informationen zur Veranstaltung werden eigenverantwortlich von den Koordinatoren und Koordinatorinnen zur Verfügung gestellt.
  • Koordination

    Sabine Seeger-Regling, Bruxelles,
    in Zusammenarbeit mit Dr. Fabio Colasanti, Bruxelles, und Dr. Günter Grosche, Bonn

Over the past nine editions, the Euroworkshop focussed on the crisis in the euro area and on problems in the European banking industry. In line with the mission of the Villa Vigoni as a German-Italian Centre of European Dialogue, and with a view to fostering German-Italian friendship, much attention was payed to the Italian and German views on the appropriate ways of solving the euro area’s difficulties.

Unfortunately, and the more so as it would have marked its 10th anniversary, the Corona shutdown makes it impossible to hold the Euroworkshop at the Villa Vigoni location as planned in July. Instead, the Villa Vigoni suggests to hold a “Webinar” of about 1 ½ hours on each of the two days which had been foreseen for the “regular” Seminar.

Obviously, a Webinar cannot replace the fruitful exchanges that the Villa Vigoni has been providing over the past nine editions. But given the Euroworkshop’s particular composition and spirit, even a Webinar can add value to the ongoing discussions on how best to handle the tremendous repercussions of the global shutdown for the euro area. In line with the mission of the Villa Vigoni, the Webinar will also touch upon Italian and German approaches to overcoming the current crisis.

  • today ab 18/07/2019 bis 21/07/2019
  • place Villa Vigoni
  • login Auf Einladung