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United States of Europe: ideal, nightmare, utopia?

Villa Vigoni Editore | Verlag has published the volume “Stati Uniti d’Europa: auspicio, incubo, utopia?”, edited by Christiane Liermann Traniello (Secretary-General, Villa Vigoni), Matteo Scotto (Research Fellow, Villa Vigoni) and Julian Stefenelli (Legal Counsel, Villa Vigoni), with a preface by Giuliano Amato.

In over sixty years of integration within our continent, the narrative of the United States of Europe – mentioned by Winston Churchill in his famous Zurich speech in 19146 – has never abandoned the political discourse. They are sometimes cited as a model to dissociate oneself from, some other as a vision to aspire to, or even as a mantra to bring up in default of alternatives.

The rapid change of social, political, and economic conditions in recent years forces us to reflect upon whether the model of American integration – along with all it stands for – may represent a possible path to pursue for European States. This publication intends to analyze eventually whether it is possible for this model to be constructive for the European Union or if it only represents a fallacious dream.

List of contributors: Maria Giulia Amadio-Viceré, Amedeo Arena, Luca Argenta, Beatrice Benocci, Désirée Biehl, Fernando D'Aniello, Michael Gehler, Piero S. Graglia, Giuseppe Grieco, Riccardo. Haupt, Olimpia Malatesta, Bruno Marasà, Manuel Müller, Antonio Padoa-Schioppa, Sophie Pornschlegel, Daniel Schade, Eleanor Spaventa, Robert Stüwe, Leonardo Veneziani, Ubaldo Villani-Lubelli, Giovanni Meda Riquier (afterword).

The volume can be purchased as a paper or digital book on Amazon.