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Publication of "La mosca bianca" by Giuliano Dolce and Rodolfo Dolce

"La mosca bianca: Wie die Migration der italienischen Gastarbeiter die Bundesrepublik veränderte" by Giuliano Dolce and Rodolfo Dolce (father and son) is being published by Villa Vigoni Editore | Verlag in June. The book tells the authors' stories and memories of Italian emigration to Germany. However, their tale is something of an exceptional case (or "mosca bianca") compared to that of the typical "guest workers" (Gastarbeiter). These memoirs, packed with sharp and witty observations of the stereotypes, encounters, prejudices and experiences of those who switch between German and Italian culture, also mirror the great social transformations of the two countries in the 1960s and 1970s.

Available on amazon.de o thalia.de