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Goethe-Vigoni Discorsi: a German-Italian diary

In 2020, the term "globalization" takes on a whole new meaning. The COVID crisis is a caesura that intervenes in public and private life on a global scale, shakes up rules and habits that were thought to be safe, and brings individuals and societies to their limits.

The Goethe-Vigoni Discorsi contrast the maelstrom of events with reflections by Italian and German personalities from science and politics, business and culture, medicine and religion, journalism and sports. In this way, a 'German-Italian diary' is created. Questions and perspectives come together, which are carried from the crisis into a common future of European dialogue.

The book contains a German-Italian picture series by photographers Stefano Dili and Ingmar Björn Nolting.

The book can purchase in print and in digital forms on Amazon.