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Crisis – Sovereignty– Europe. Modern concepts – contemporary debates

Event info

  • Coordination

    Università di Bologna;
    Villa Vigoni

On 23 April 2023 Reinhart Koselleck would have turned one hundred years old. Reinhart Koselleck dealt with the history of basic concepts central to the political semantics of modernity, including crisis and sovereignty, as well as their change in meaning. These are concepts that also seem indispensable for understanding the political present and especially the situation of Europe in the world.

The colloquium will examine the three core concepts of crisis, sovereignty and Europe. Historians of political thought as well as political philosophers and political scientists will take part in the discussion. Following in Koselleck's footsteps, the discussion will examine how the meaning of the three concepts has changed (not least in view of the impact of the pandemic on the programmatic leitmotifs of Italian and German political cultures) and whether they are appropriate for describing phenomena of the ever-changing present.

The colloquium has been conceived and organised to celebrate the centenary of Reinhart Koselleck’s birth, and is a joint venture between the Department of the Arts (University of Bologna) and the German-Italian Centre for the European Dialogue Villa Vigoni and it is sponsored, respectively, by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (as part of the "Impact" project) and by DAMSLab. 

The conferece is held in the Aula Giorgio Prodi, at the University of Bologna.